Your expert AI in-house maintenance coordinator

TULU handles work order triage, troubleshooting, and vendor scheduling while eliminating human error, cutting maintenance overspend, and justifying every dollar of owners' money spent on maintenance.

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Vendor Pricing Knowledge
24/7 Troubleshooting
Expert Triage
Maintenance Expertise
Fiduciary Duty to Owners
Completed Without Vendor
Emergency Requests Completed
Standard Requests Completed
How Tulu works?

Powered by AI. Driven by Humans


Learn your “day-to-day”

You`re the expert in running your business, and we understand that. With the help of AI, we`ll dive deep into your maintenance procedures.


Replicate your best practices

We will create a blueprint of your maintenance processes using your previous work order data and your input.


Handle your maintenance operations

We will handle your maintenance from intake to payment while you retain full control and transparency over the process.

What we do?

Build a blueprint for
every work order

Handle work orders from start to finish

Easy to manage

Keep everything under your control

Your Vendors are Yours

Maintain strong and long-term relationships with your vendors

Build strong and long-term relationships with your

We don't disrupt your vendors relationship.

We act as an extension of your team.

We don't farm vendors. And we will not send them work from our other clients in the area.

We will communicate with your vendors using the same channels that you do.

How can we help

Helping you every step of the way


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Instead of constantly putting out fires, direct your time towards growing your portfolio.

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Our benefits

Your trusted in-house maintenance expert, not an outsourced service.

Your trusted & reliable maintenance partner, not a VA staffing service

Heavily relies on automation
Maintenance experience
Proficient communication skills
Need to install new software
Requires frequent attention
Change communication habits
Safeguard vendor relationships
Human Operated
20+ years experts
Done in your software
Self Managed
Same communication channels
Retain your vendors

Don't take our word for it:

Find out more about us

through our customer


You'll be in a good company

“Tulu is the tool you never knew you needed until you realized you don’t have
them — a game-changer for property management efficiency.”

Tatiana Nelthrope

Galyan Group Realty (280+ Doors), Atlanta

You'll be in a good company

“TULU is unique. They provided me with someone who learns my properties,
tenants, owners, and my processes.”

Wendy Wright

Foundation First (250+ Doors), Pennsylvania

You'll be in a good company

"You saved us a lot of time and energy. I think that's one of the most stressful parts of this job. So the fact that you've taken it off my hands is wonderful"

Darrel Scott

450+ Doors, California

frequently asked questions

Your questions, answered:

What is the contract length?

Month to month

What type of access Tulu requires?

Maintenance Coordinator access to your property management software.

How does Tulu integrate with my systems?

No integration necessary. Simply add us a maintenance coordinator. We handle the job from triage - assignment - completion.

Who pays my vendors?

Tulu, with flexible payment options to meet their needs

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Less time spent on maintenance