AI-Powered Maintenance Coordination

Our team will triage work orders, troubleshoot with tenants, coordinate with vendors, confirm successful job completions, and pay the vendors, ultimately resolving the work orders just like you would, without you having to deal with it.

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Your Maintenance. You're in Control

Getting work done directly on your system.

Status updates, notes, invoices and photos are pushed to your system.

Professional communication on your behalf.

We communicate as an extension of your team, that includes industry knowledge and terminology.

100% Self Managed.

We only contact you when needed.

Your Vendors are Yours

We don't disrupt your vendors relationship.

We act as a extension of you. 

We don't farm vendors. And we will not send them work from our other clients in the area.

We will communicate with your vendors using the same channels that you do.

How can we help

24/7 Assist

No more after hours calls.
We intake requests, troubleshoot them and move down the maintenance pipeline.

Tulu AutoPilot

No more vendor coordination. We handle everything from scoping, scheduling to completion.

Vendor Pay

No more vendor payments.
We pay vendors, you pay us once a month.

Tulu Find

New vendors.
Access our network of local trusted vendors for competitive bidding.

Your trusted & reliable maintenance partner, not a VA staffing service

Heavily relies on automation
Human Operated
Maintenance experience
20+ years experts
Proficient communication skills
Need to install new software
Done in your software
Requires frequent attention
Self Managed
Change communication habits
Same communication channels
Safeguard vendor relationships
Retain your vendors

You’ll be in a good company

"I can now scale without worrying about workorders, I owe you one"

Single Family (500+ Doors),


“You saved us a lot of time and energy. I think that's one of the most stressful parts of this job. So the fact that you've taken it off my hands is wonderful.”

Single Family (250+ Doors),

North Carolina

“Work orders are completed much faster, maintenance is smoother than ever.”

Single Family (350+ Doors),


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Save time & increase profitability.

25% increase in workorder speed

100,000+ workorders completed

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Your questions, answered

What is the contract Length?

Month to Month

What type of access Tulu requires?

Maintenance Coordinator access to your property management software.

How does Tulu integrate with my systems?

No integration necessary. Simply add us a maintenance coordinator. We handle the job from triage - assignment - completion.

Who pays my vendors?

Tulu, with flexible payment options to meet their needs