Taking the

paying for software

paying for new hires

pain & cost

finding new vendors

managing vendors

out of maintenance

Imagine working a lot less and making the same amount of money, guaranteed.

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Taking the pain & cost out of maintenance

Imagine working a lot less and making the same amount of money, guaranteed.

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Our Mission

To make property management 80% less work without eating away from your profits.

Software solutions, remote assistants or local hires are still too expensive for the slim margins of property management, they cost $$$.

We help property managers gain access to the same resources at a fraction of the cost. Our solution starts with solving and coordinating your maintenance needs.

Our Results

We are very proud that our partners are spending 20 hours less per week on maintenance !

Some are pocketing an extra $36 per door from all the savings ! That could be you.

You look better in front of your owners.

Visibility on work order stages

Access to vendor database - extend your relationships

Easier multi bidding from vendors

Better benchmark on pricing

Formalities? Sure!

There are no complex softwares, tools or dashboards to learn. Simply connect with a Tulu Advisor, and they’ll do the rest.

All your work order details in one place.

Orginize your go-to vendor contact list.

All communication bundled together in a single, easy to find place.

Get the birds eye view of all maintenance activities in real time.

We have limited availability

We commit to every client, to assure a long-term success we can only take 5 clients a month.

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Our story

Reza, our Founder, experienced the challenges of vendor management for his fathers HOA and properties first hand. This sparked him to leave Harvard early to fully dedicate himself to help property managers do 80% less work, while keeping their profits as is. For the past 6 years, he has worked across thousands of work orders, an army of vendors, and a league of property and HOA. There's finally a solution for all.

We are industry and technology experts. We know maintenance coordination like no one else. Our mission was so important to us that we have gathered the best of best, dropped out of our high paying jobs to commit to making this a reality for you. Come join us.

What we believe in:

Outlive and outwork - do the work others wont.

Don't optimize in the short, think in long.

Dream big but in detail.

Fail fast but forward.

Be an inspiration.

Speed - take action now.

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